Matt Wax Gun Kit - Hot Gun, Book & Wax Pellets

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The new re-designed Matt Wax Gun II is a hand held versatile extrusion technique for creating jewellery models. It has improved longevity, repeatability and consistency of each use.Transforms pellets of hard wax into wire of different shapes and thicknesses as opposed to the uniform diameter of pre-extruded wax or metal wire. The ability to control the pressure of extrusion and the wax temperature allows the jeweller to create organic structures.

Three different types of wax pellets (included in set) are used for modeling with the Matt Gun: Blue, Green and Red. Each wax has been formulated to create a special effect that cannot be achieved with other techniques. A wax pellet is inserted into the Matt Gun. After two or three minutes, the gun will have reached the normal working temperature. Using even pressure, the operator pushes the rod until the wax begins to emerge from the tip, starting the designing process.

This kit includes: Matt Gun, 2 brass tips, 15 Wax Pellets (5 red, 5 blue, 5 green) and an illustrated 113 page book, By Adolfo Mattiello which provides complete instructions. Made in USA.

Red: Designed to have excellent flexibility & strength, these pellets are perfect for the wax weaving technique. The pellets can be extruded into filaments, allowed to cool, then braided, knotted, or woven. This wax retains elasticity after cooling.

Green: This wax is used almost exclusively for modeling on water to create abstract forms. This formula was designed to flatten out when it comes in contact with water. The hotter the wax, the more it will flare. This wax becomes rigid after cooling.

Blue: The blue pellets can be used at lower temperatures to model on air. They can also be used at mid-range temperatures to model on objects such as mandrels or other wax patterns. This wax remains somewhat flexible after cooling.

Key Features:

9 Temperature Settings Digital Thermostat & Display

Retractable Kickstand

Plunger Assist Lever

Automatic Shut-Off

Plastic Carry Case