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Legor Black Ruthenium 5g for Bath 1L

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Produces a shiny dark (anthracite black) deposit that is highly resistant to wear and abrasion. For prolonged shelf life this product is supplied in 2 parts, a 1 litre bottle of solution plus a 25mL bottle of activating agent. Mix the entire bottle of activating agent with the 1 litre solution before use. Shelf life before mixing is 2 years. Once mixed, the shelf life is only 6 months, at which point you will need to purchase further blacking agent.

Bath Temperature: 55 - 65 o C (65 o C optimum).

Voltage: from 2 to 3 volts (2.5 volts optimum).

Agitation: Moderate (3 to 6 m/min).

Solution stirring is highly recommended.

Anode: Platinized titanium (anode to work ratio 4:1).

Treatment time: 5 to 10 minutes (optimum 8 minutes).